New Film in the Can: THE VERMONT HOUSE!

Pretty much under the radar, I'm reteamed with WE GO ON producer Richard King to shoot another new film, a haunted house movie called THE VERMONT HOUSE. The script was modeled after an old farmhouse in Middlebury Vermont that became available to us by the college's grace, and its lead role of Simon was written for Alex Draper, who previously worked with me on YELLOWBRICKROAD. I'm serving as writer, director, composer, and editor.

The story follows Simon and his 12 year old son, Finn (played by Charlie Tacker) as they attempt to flip a house over a summer. They encounter a spirit of a woman named Lydia who's not trying to keep them right - she's trying to keep them in. Forever. And with every repair to the house, she gets stronger. 

The film was shot this May and is now being edited and scored, all out of my home studio which is also a bit of a baby circus since my wife and I have recently welcomed our second son into the world. Lots to look forward to!