WE GO ON makes waves on the Festival Circuit

Since our premiere at Cinequest in March, we've screened WE GO ON for audiences across the country and across the Atlantic. And thus we've been received incredibly by movie fans and critics alike. These festivals play an enormous role in the life on indie films such as ours, and we're enormously grateful to them for their hospitality and faith in what we've made.

In April, we played the Cleveland International Film Festival, and also the Dead by Dawn Film Festival in the UK, where we won the Audience Award for Best Feature. We won that same award at Los Angeles' prestigious Dances With Films, and most recently we played the incredible Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal. Along the way, we've got some great reviews:

RUE MORGUE - Michael Gingold
I-HORROR.COM - Trey Hilburn III
DEATH BY PODCAST - Guiseppe Infante